Student Responses to KMK NBEO Review Courses

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"KMK provides a great book for studying for boards. Their information is clinically relevant, helping you connect the dots between the classroom and the patient. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
--Ian McWherter, 2011 Student Bowl Winner at Optometry's Meeting in Salt Lake City

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"The passion and spirit put into this program were amazing! Because of this class, I have confidence I can pass boards."
-- Rachel, UMSL student

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"I appreciate the concern you guys had for getting your points in lecture across to the audience. It was a more engaging lecture series than I had expected. Much more personal. I really enjoyed it!"

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"I just wanted to let you know that the Part 2 videos are FANTASTIC. They really help put the picture together and make it easier to review all of the important concepts. I just wanted to thank you for your continuing effort on helping students not only pass, but learn."
-- PCO (Salus) student

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"The best part of the course was that you were able to take the huge mountain of information on boards and present it in a concise, clinically relevant and easy to understand manner. I am no longer scared to take this test."
-- Kevin, IU student

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"You guys have me excited to go back through my book and study. You've restored my hope in passing this exam."
-- John, Salus (PCO) student

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"I am usually skeptical about these types of courses. I learn best by myself at a desk, I've never learned well in a classroom setting. But this course exceeded my expectations 100%. Thank you! I feel very prepared to rock this test!

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"I really don’t think I would have passed without the class. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!"
-- Dan, NSU student

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"Thanks so much for your help! That class and book made all the difference in my performance and I’m not sure I could thank you enough!"
-- Brandy, ICO student

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"I totally credit the course and manual for my passing… thanks!"
-- Nicole, SCCO student

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"Love it! Awesome review! Relieved the pressure! Bring it NBEO part 1!"
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"I know for a fact that I would be in frantic mode if I hadn’t taken this course. KMK is awesome!"
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"I feel that this course definitely helped me become a better doctor."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"Amazing. Worth every penny. I feel like a better clinician."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"It’s obvious to me that you are all committed to our success. I firmly believe that you are providing a great service to our profession and assuring we learn this for boards and know it forever to be better clinicians."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"Great instructors; could not have been better. All were very well prepared and extremely enthusiastic."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"Awesome, enthusiastic, brilliant instructors. I thought the days would be much harder to do but the instructors really kept up the energy level. It was actually even fun."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"Excellent teaching! I have learned so many concepts during this review that I never really understood before! Keep up the good work"
-- KMK Student, 2012

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"I am excited to learn more and more deeply understand this material. The course made me look forward to studying for boards instead of dreading it. It really put the puzzle pieces together."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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I learned more in the last couple days than I ever thought I could. KMK cares so much about our success, and your passion is seriously inspiring. I’ve come out of this feeling so much better about my success as a doctor."
-- KMK Student, 2012

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